Although experts disagree on the exact statistics, the rate of

Although experts disagree on the exact statistics, the rate of failure for new small businesses is significant. Also, even for established small businesses, the risks to success and survival are great and constantly changing in today’s market conditions. Using the information already presented in the course and resources similar to those below, we are asking you to compose a paper expressing what you believe to be the three greatest dangers to a small business and how you would address those problems as a small business owner/manager.


  • Describe and discuss the dangers of small businesses.
  • Identify the top three reasons YOU think small businesses struggle.
  • State your reasoning behind your selection of the issues.
  • Present your ideas for dealing with those issues.
  • Your paper should take the form of an academic research document and therefore be in proper APA form.
  • It should have a clear introduction with thesis, body, and conclusion.
  • Focus on quality, as opposed to length.
  • You should have clear transitions between paragraphs.
  • There must be a minimum of three APA references (in addition to the course
  • The anticipated length of the paper should be a minimum of five pages with more
    thorough and thoughtful work extending beyond that guideline. It is not expected that the paper would exceed ten pages in length.

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