Provide 5-6 sentences reply to the post below: Identify flaws

Provide 5-6 sentences reply to the post below:


  • Identify flaws in Shawn’s ideas about time management and some techniques he can use to figure out how he divides his time.  

I think, at first, Shawn needs to understand the online school itself is not necessarily flexible to his schedule. The flexibility of the online school only extends to a certain degree because there still is a due day that needs to be caught up. He can take courses and lectures at his convenience, which does not mean he can have flexibility on the assignment. Shawn needs to start to use the planner to help him better plan his life and study. The way I build my schedule/To-Do List is quite simple: First, write it down what must be done tomorrow. Second, write down what must be done at the end of the week. Lastly, I spent 5 minutes revising it at the end of the day. (To-Do list  –  Prioritize the list  –  3-2-1 Do it!) 

The book has an entire chapter about making a perfect daily schedule, but that is way too many details. To make a schedule like that will require a lot of work, and as a working adult, that schedule will be altered every day anyway. I always keep my planner clean and straightforward, only about what needs to be done and when, and when to get it done.  

  • What strategies can Shawn use to take control and effectively manage his time once he figures out where his time is going?  

 I recommend this strategy for Shawn: Tackle the challenging assignment first. At the beginning of the week, I typically have more motivation and energy to work on the more challenging project. When toward the end of the week, I usually get distrusted by the upcoming weekend and the fatigue. At that moment, it was simply hard to sit down, and concentrate let alone starting a challenging task. I like this strategy because it boosts my confidence once I finish a challenging task and encourages me to start the next one. 

  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Shawn completing his coursework online, and what is the role of time management when taking online classes?  

 The most significant advantage for Shawn in completing his coursework online is that he does not need to physically attend school, which allows him to keep working while in school. In the meantime, the biggest disadvantage is that Shawn will have a lot less free time doing Online Scholl compared to a full-time student. Most people spend 4 years in college and being a full-time student they will do mainly school. Doing school on top a full-time job is not easy, it takes a lot of planning and sacrifice  

The role of time management when taking online classes is not to procrastinate. The nature of doing online work is that the electronic device surrounds us. It is hard to keep focused and not get distracted by YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

   It takes some sacrifice to do the online school as an adult; the first thing that needs to be sacrificed is the time on social media. I spent too much time on entertainment and social media platforms before, and I would get nothing down for the school. So, the first step of online education’s success is defeating procrastination. 

  • What are some potential challenges you think Shawn will face as he navigates his current situation? Do you share any of these time management challenges? If so, what is your plan to combat them?  

 I think Shawn will need to face the challenge of family support. What does his girlfriend think about that he needs to devote the time to do the schoolwork and not be able to with her. I share a similar challenge as Shawn. I have a family of two kids, and I want to play with them when I am home. The way I did to defeat it was during the first week of school; I will try to finish the week one assignment as early as possible because most of the time, week one is more relaxing. After that, I will use the weekend to study week two material. By week two, I can slowly work on week three material and have at least a day of freedom on week two weekend. 

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