Write an argument research discussion (of at least 1500 words)

Write an argument research discussion (of at least 1500 words) about the working thesis that you have been working on throughout the previous writing assignments.

Your thesis should have a clear position (usually a should statement) and must be supported with at least three claims or three points you are going to develop. For example, College should be free (should statement) because it would encourage more students to go to college, it would provide needed skilled workers, and it would stimulate the economy (three claims).

The discussion must also address the opposite viewpoint/include at least one counterargument paragraph.

This discussion must be supported with the source material:

  • Make use of at least three sources located via research but no more than six.
  • These sources must be current.
  • At least one of your sources must be accessed via a library index (which can be done online via our library: from the top navigation bar, select Resources >> Library Resources). For the purposes of this assignment and to clarify, Google Scholar (or similar) does not count as a library index.
  • At least one of your sources should reflect your topic’s local impact (at the state, city, or county level). Consider using a library index to access a local newspaper, such as The Miami Herald, The Sun-Sentinel, etc.
  • All source material used throughout the discussion must be properly integrated and cited in-text per MLA guidelines. A corresponding Works Cited page must be submitted with the final draft. Without a corresponding Works Cited page, the discussion will automatically earn a 0.

MLA Format

Working Thesis:

“Cybercrime is a subject that affects everyone from all businesses to your average phone user. As technology advances so do the possibilities of being hacked or having your identity stolen. I believe that while you must do your best for prevention you must prepare for the worst and with proper education, updating software along with technology, and password protecting important documentation you can help mitigate the effects. Cybercrime will be important and ongoing topic for years to come as our world relies heavily on technology and its advancing at a rapid speed.”

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