Chapter 7 – Read the Running Case at the end

Chapter 7 – Read the Running Case at the end of the chapter.
Each team member will complete the 3 tasks for this case project and submit individually.

Running Case Chapter-7:

You and your team are continuing your work on the Global Treps Project. Your project sponsor,

Dr. K., has asked you to refine the existing cost estimate for the project so you can evaluate

supplier bids and have a solid cost baseline for evaluating project performance. Recall that

your schedule and cost goals are to complete the project in six months for under $120,000.

You planned to use up to $50,000 total to pay yourself and your team members, and your initial

estimates were $30,000 for travel expenses, $20,000 for hardware and software, and $20,000 for

organizing four events, including consultants, legal/business fees, etc.


1. Prepare and print a one-page cost model for the project, similar to the model provided in

Figure 7-2. Use the following WBS or the WBS you developed in Chapter 5, and be sure to

document your assumptions in preparing the cost model. Assume a labor rate of $20/hour

for yourself (the project manager) and team members (Kim, Ashok, and Alfreda). You will pay

Bobby, your IT guy, $30/hour. The project will fund refreshments for the four shark tank like

events and prizes for the winners, at a cost of $1,000 for each event.

1.1 Project management

1.2 Hardware (3 laptops and Internet access for Kim, Ashok, and Alfreda)

1.3 Software

1.3.1 Outsourced Domain name and site hosting Donation acceptance feature of website Video creation for website

1.3.2 In-house Development Guidelines and templates for events Acceptance of ideas for needed new products or services Custom site for 20 events

1.3.3 Testing

1.4 Business Plan

1.4.1 Internal labor

1.4.2 Legal information/assistance

1.5 Travel

1.6 Events

1.6.1 Internal labor

1.6.2 Consultant labor

1.6.3 Refreshments

1.6.4 Prizes

2. Using the cost model you created in Task 1, prepare a cost baseline by allocating the costs

by WBS for each month of the project.

3. Assume that you have completed three months of the project. The BAC was $120,000 for

this six-month project. You can also make the following assumptions:

PV $60,000

EV $55,000

AC $50,000

a. What is the cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance index (CPI), and

schedule performance index (SPI) for the project?

b. How is the project doing? Is it ahead of schedule or behind schedule? Is it under budget

or over budget?

c. Use the CPI to calculate the estimate at completion (EAC) for this project. Is the project

performing better or worse than planned?

d. Use the SPI to estimate how long it will take to finish this project.

e. Sketch an earned value chart using the information from your answers to parts a through

d. Use Figure 7-6 as a guide.

Chapter 8 – Read the Running Case at the end of the chapter.
Each team member will complete tasks 1 and 2 for this case project and submit individually.

Running Case Chapter-8:

Part 5: Project Quality Management

The Global Treps Project team is working hard to ensure they meet expectations, especially

for the people who will be holding and participating in the four events. The team has a detailed

scope statement, but you want to make sure you are not forgetting requirements that might affect

how people view the quality of the project. You know that the project’s sponsor and other key

stakeholders are most concerned with getting people to use the new website, having successful

events, and helping promote entrepreneurship across the globe. You also know that various

geographic and cultural issues will need to be addressed.


1. Develop a list of quality standards or requirements related to meeting the stakeholder

expectations described in the running case. Provide a brief description of each requirement.

For example, two requirements related to the new website might be that users can read

the content in several different languages and that users provide good ratings for the online

video training.

2. Based on the list you created for Task 1, determine how you will measure progress on

meeting the requirements. For example, you might have people take a survey after they view

the online training videos to collect feedback.

 ***I attached text book for reference. Question is from Chapter-7 & Chapter-8***** 

Need to complete given Tasks in both cases. Please take care of Plagiarism.

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