Students will be responsible for reporting on an article on

Students will be responsible for reporting on an article on a Leadership topic.  You will select an article from a newspaper or magazine (e.g. Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Economist, Time, Financial Times) for review that is chosen to correspond with any of the Leadership topic areas covered in class (listed in the syllabus).  The objective is to present you with the opportunity to read about a leadership issue that is of interest to you.

You will turn in both the article and a 2-page writeup about the article on Canvas.  The writeup should be in Microsoft Word, using 12-point font, double-spaced.

The writeup should address the following issues:

  1. purpose of the article/very brief summary of its conclusions
  2. how the information in the article applies to your current job or organization (or if not currently employed, a potential future job or organization)
  3. how the article relates to material discussed in this course
  4. your personal opinion on the issue/information addressed in the article

You will be graded on the thoughtfulness of your discussion, the clarity and organization of your writing, and the completeness of addressing the above issues. 

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