For the first essay grammar fixMy professor told me too remake it because of my grammatical errors but the idea

For the first essay grammar fix,My professor told me too remake it, because of my grammatical errors, (but the idea is great)
Here are the instructions for it:
What is the central issue raised in “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”?
How do you see that issue manifested in current, real-world conditions?
In a four-paragraph essay, argue for the central issue in the story and explain how it manifests itself in the real world.
Support your thesis with direct quotes from the “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”, “The Child in the Basement” and at least one other work of fiction or non-fiction.
Short 5 paragraph Essay:
In “How One Tweet Blew Up Justine Saco’s Life” by Jon Ronson and “Our Disconnected Selves” by Paul Goldberger, the authors raise and important fact: technology, for all of its advantages, can cause a lot of problems.
Like with the social contract idea you wrote about in the previous essay, there is a trade off between humanness (functioning like a natural human being) and some other construct that humans have created (as in the social contract or communication technology).
Make an argument for the worthiness of communication technology and answer the following question:
Is the trade off we make with communication technology worth it, yes or no?
Respond in five paragraphs, using the these two sources as evidence and at least two other sources, one of which needs to be fiction.
Sources of the reading for Essay 2:

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