1.5 2 pages singlespaced. Use 1inch margins 12 font Microsoft Word. Try to cite 5 thingsreadings from the class but

1.5 – 2 pages single-spaced. Use 1-inch margins, 12 font, Microsoft Word. Try to cite 5 things/readings from the class, but use them in an incisive way.
Cite sources according to your preference style (footnote/endnotes or in-text parenthetical citations with author last names and page numbers for academic direct quotes). Question to answer: how is statelessness related to refugeeness? How are they similar or different? Make an argument that can tie those things together. Be more specific than general (don’t just say they are both discriminated and ignored groups, show or describe to me how is works). How are they both global/local issues? Basically, people think they know who or what global refugees/stateless people are.

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