Describes how the presentation can be modified to address a


Describes how the presentation can be modified to address a persuasive claim.


Clearly conveys meaning with correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling, demonstrating an understanding of audience and purpose


RESPOND TO Andre, Maggie, Erica, and Laura post

Andre post

Good evening class and Happy Thanksgiving. In this week discussion we talk about transformational leadership. ” Transformational leadership is a leadership style that can inspire positive changes in those who follow, and transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on helping every member of the group succeed as well” (Cherry 2020). When I was in the Navy, I had a Leading Petty Officer by the name of AO1 Valdez. He was great guy and down to earth. Unlike a lot of ranking sailors in the Navy he did not have a tough commanding approach to the junior sailors under him. Most military personnel like to yell and have a very hard leading style to junior sailors. Many people of rank like to discipline to the extreme and assign many work assignments that may take hours or a full day to complete. He was more of a friend to each individual. He encouraged us to work together as team. The qualities he had was he ” encouraged the motivation and positive development of his followers” (White 2018). He was a mentor to us and gave advice on our personal lifestyles. He created ” an ethical work environment with clear values, priorities and standards” (White 2018). Furthermore, he showed us how to communicate and cooperate as a group. We were motivated to get all our qualifications under his leadership. His qualities impacted us because ” it built an company culture in the military by encouraging personnel to move from an attitude of self-interest to a mindset where they are working for the common good” (White 2018). In conclusion his style of leadership provided structure and routine and reduced chaos and inefficacy on the flight line and daily flight operations.

Maggie post

The experience I had with a transformational leader was excellent. They were very straightforward with the problem solving, maintaining the vision we needed to reach, focused on the team, and ensured we were working well together and towards the same goal. Some of the ways that the manager interacted with others were stimulation, influence, and consideration. The way the manager involved stimulation was by having everyone involved. The manager always encouraged new ideas and always would help with any mistakes that were made by others. The manager then influenced us, always was there when needed. She was never afraid to drive in and help, always practicing what they preached. And the last one being a consideration, everyone was treated with what they were good at. Never putting people where they felt like they would succeed at doing. This did help everyone feel that they were doing their very best at what they do. This also helped with the over goal of the job because people were happy and felt like they were completing things in the best way possible.

Erica post


This week’s reading introduced me to the ADDIE model for the first time. I have seen similar models throughout my career, and models like this all have similar advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is they typically work. Following the laid out steps correctly can produce the results you are looking for in training needs within your organization. However, you must first truly understand the model and each step in the process. A disadvantage is these models take time to prepare and execute with no guaranteed results. In my opinion, they are best suited for a new challenge or area where there are no training processes. They are best suited for a new challenge or site where there are not any processes for training in place, to begin with.

I used the ADDIE model in my way recently at work. I was asked to create a training program for a new section I was tasked to develop. Being charged or told skips the first step: assessment, so I went right into design and development. Currently, this project is almost complete with the implementation phase, as the initial cadre is nearly all training. Based on the ADDIE model, this training project has one more step to ensure the cadre receives the intended activity level.

Laura post

After reviewing the reading for this week i noticed that a few jobs i have had before use the ADDIE method for training but i did not know that it was a specific method that they all used. At my last job we had a 6 week training and each week we used the ADDIE method at the end of the week we always did an evalutation to make sure everyone understood the training for that week before we could move on. One of the advantages to the ADDIE method is that it has a lower deveolpment cost compared to other methods becasue all the research is done before the training and this also causes the training to get done on time. One disadvantage to the ADDIE method is if the training is based off of something most employees already know they might try to continue doing it the old way becasue they already know how to do it and it might be easier. I would implement the ADDIE method when doing a training for new hires becasue they come into the job not knowing much about it and the ADDIE method would be an effective way to know if they are following along and if they understand the material because an evaluation will be done at the end of the training.

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