Each student will be required to complete the term project which is a research proposal written in an Chicago Style.

Each student will be required to complete the term project, which is a research proposal written in an Chicago Style. The project will likely have at least 8-10 pages of substance not counting the cover and reference pages. Please include the required sections listed below. The research proposal you write in this course will NOT be sent to the IRB for approval. This is because you will not be conducting actual research for the purpose of this class. You will, however, gain an insight as to how to write a research proposal.
Each student will be required to complete a research proposal, as the term project. The research proposal will include the following:
• Title page
• Abstract (100-120 words)
• Introduction
• Problem Statement
• Purpose Statement
• Hypothesis
• Literature Review and Definitions included in the research
• Research methods/design
• References
• Appendices – as needed (annotated bibliography, example consent form, example survey if used)
The research proposal (Term Project) must be in a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the students folder through the assignment section. Students will be required to use at least five scholarly references in their work.
Students are required to follow Chicago Style guidelines
Please make sure that you are using the course-writing rubric to use as a checklist so that you write a solid paper.
Research proposal paper topic: “Decreasing police brutality and shootings: Orlando, Florida, police department training”.
Do not include quotes in your work. The student needs to display good critical thinking skills and not a string of quotes written by published authors. Your proposal is what is needed for a successful research project to be conducted in the future.

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